Monday, January 20, 2014

FTV January 20

Chartwells food service does all the meal preparations for the Kennedy. A typical meal might include hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage for everyone, what that means is that the Kitchen cooked 300 lbs. of burgers (they were big 1/3 pounders), 500 sausage, and three hundred hot dogs.

  • How many hamburgers where cooked in total? 
  • How many buns were needed for that many pieces of meat? 
  • If we have 600 cadets, how many hamburgers can each one have? How many sausages? How  many hotdogs? 
  • For desert there was ice cream: 10 gallons of each flavor. A chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, peanut butter cup, and mint chip. How many totals gallon did the cadets have? 
  • How many 1 cup servings did all of the ice cream make?

Typically, the initial onload of food supplies on a SeaTerm include:
4500 lbs of flour (IN PHOTOS ABOVE)
2400 gallons of milk
202 cases of cereal (each case weighs 8 lbs)
600 gallons hard packed ice cream
1275 lbs of bacon
3750 lbs of liquid eggs for scrambled eggs
1125 dozen whole eggs
3000 lbs of chicken thigh meat
8640 bagels
4800 hamburger patties
5000 chicken patties for our famous chicken patty Tuesdays

Chartwell's has to re-stock our produce at every port so that we have fresh fruit and vegetables. We spend approximately $300,000.00 on food for the entire Sea Term. They keep the cadets happy, healthy, and full!

Math Monday Classroom Activity

Feeding 480 Mouths: Math aboard Ship
Like the Cooks on the Kennedy, the cook on the Constitution had to do a lot of math to feed 480 hungry men. Use the serving sizes found in the recipes of Ship's Biscuit, Sailors Duff and Hot Chocolate in this math activity to convert these recipes into meals for 480! One serving size equals enough for one sailor. Use multiplication, conversions, and fractions to make enough food for everyone aboard Constitution in 1812. How much of each ingredient will you need?
You are one of the crew on board Amanzi. One of your jobs before setting sail is to organize all the items on the provision list. As part of that job, you have to plan where you’ll store them down below in the lockers?

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