Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned a few cadets who many of you do not know. Today I am going to introduce to you the Cadet Chief Mate, Cadet Chief Engineer, and the Division Leaders.

These Cadets are 1/C Seniors at Mass Maritime and on their last SeaTerm. They will help train the 4/C Freshman by demonstrating the skills that they have mastered during their four years at Maritime. All together they will be responsible to show the 4/C cadets the needed skills to complete their voyage on the Kennedy. For Deckies, these skills include navigation, seamanship, ship construction, design, and damage control, while the marine engineering majors have skills in maintaining marine engineering systems.
Cadet Chief Engineer
1/C Elliot Lewis

Cadet Chief Mate
1/C Jonathan Duocot 
Division 1
1/C Michael Romano
1/C Benjamin Goodrich
Division 2
1/C Paul Painten
1/C John Wilder
 Division 3
1/C Scott Robinson
1/C Alex O’Konski

The cadets use science on a daily basis to keep the ship on its course. Here’s how

Weather issues are important to a smooth trip;
     try this problem solving activity to see how.

Learn some navigation skills of your own. 

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