Saturday, February 8, 2014

FTV February 8

For the past two nights on board the T.S. Kennedy we have been fundraising for the Wounded Warriors Project. On the first of the two nights there was an auction and raffle of donated Kennedy apparel to include hats, boiler suits, and shirts. Also auctioned off were passes to get their regimental duties off, such as no admirals inspection next semester, a week of no morning formation (that’s like an early morning attendance), and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th off of the ship when we return to Buzzards Bay. This is a great way to fundraise money for the Wounded Warriors project, there was over 5,000 dollars raised.

Last night the annual Sea Term jousting competition took place on the Helo deck, this year titled the Commotion on the Ocean. There were 16 jousting matches last night including the “Battle of the Heartbreakers” and the “South Shore Kings”. However, the main event between Max “Maximus” Yerger and Robert “Papa C” Collett was the real crowd pleaser. It was an excellent night for the students to relax and get some laughs in.

As you can see life on a ship can be very busy, lots of work and lots of fun. Try these fun games and learn about life on a ship, in 1812.

Help your shipmates haul on the lines and move the sails in this online game.

Steer Constitution through narrow straits and shallow harbors to reach your destination in this online game.

Download and print out your own Signal Flag Decoding Chart. Use it to spell out words and phrases, and challenge your friends and family to decode your message! 

Relax after a long day of work — play "Going to Boston," a sailor's dice game, online.

How tall of a tale can you tell? Choose words for your story and try to impress your messmates — the more outrageous, the better!

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