Tuesday, January 13, 2015


13 January 2015

A quiet night as we departed traditional coastwise shipping routes, and headed south east toward the Caribbean Sea.  Overnight we saw only a few ships and the powerful south westerly winds experienced yesterday have slipped astern of us. We now have a slight wind driven sea, with a moderate confused swell. There are significant areas of rain.

The first training day went off with very few glitches yesterday, but we must cope with the changing divisional assignments each day, as the Fourth Class Cadets rotate to different disciplines.  All the “youngies” will be exposed to classes in marine engineering, marine transportation, emergency management, environmental protection and international maritime business during their time aboard, Additionally they will also stand deck and engineering watches.  

Since 1993 this scheme was designed to allow the freshman student to make a more educated decision upon which to shape their future.  But both higher cadet numbers and a significant increase in deck and engine selections has created a shortage of fourth class berths. The Fourth Class today have selected their majors already, and except for a few jumps between non-traditional majors, the die is cast.

So, with this clouding day in the doldrums, there is not to much to say, but that will change as we approach the Caribbean.

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