Thursday, January 22, 2015


22 January 2015

Let’s see, we have been at sea twelve days now, tomorrow will be thirteen.  Long time for some, no problem for others. I know the cadets will be anxious to get ashore, break up the monotony of the ship, go to the beach, or have a fresh seafood dinner.  I suppose I am no different, but must weigh out my job first.

 I have been busy today, making the last minute arrangements with the ship’s agent we use, cross referencing port requirements to the dock master and the US Coast Guard.  Not that I don’t know most of it, just making sure things have remained the same for me.  Actually, St. Thomas is a constant – same agency, same agent (Coleen), same dock master (Mark), same pilots (Rob and Tom).
Actually, Rob and Tom are MMA grads, and like most of them that graduated in the past 33 years, they had me in the classroom. Funny. But it makes me feel old.

Tonight we have Captain’s Inspection of all the cadet berthing spaces, and a pre-port briefing.  This is the “you better behave” lecture from Captain Rozak and Commander Kelleher.   Be careful about drinking, be afraid of drug sellers, hold onto your wallet, don’t walk alone at night, never get into a cab when there are two people in it, and keep groups less than five cadets…..on and on and on. I suppose it helps, but there will be a few – maybe five cadets – that do not listen, or did not believe them.  It will be those few cadets that will find themselves restricted to the ship for the next 30 days!

We dock in the morning – remember when your cadets calls, know what the charges are on the cellular service provider. It could add up pretty quickly!

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