Tuesday, January 27, 2015


27 January 2015

St. Thomas has come and gone. I was asked why I relax on the Captain’s Logs while in port. I suppose I can make a convenient excuse –hopefully you'll accept it. Cellphones. That’s it. When we go into a US port where our cellular systems are active, even if there is a “per minute fee” (like
my service), all I see are cadets and crew continuously texting and talking on the phone. I assume that all our activities are being sent home one-by-one. But, that does not help the readers who do not have a child or loved one aboard. I’ll do better.

The US Virgin Islands never disappoint. It is like visiting a foreign country within the USA. They are a territory, and they elect a congressional Representative that does not have a vote in Congress, They answer to our Commander in Chief, the President, but they do not have a vote in the election. Taxes on tobacco products and alcohol are nearly non-existent, they all speak English, use US dollars, and drive on the wrong side of the road – so it is a funny place to visit. But the beaches are some of the best in the world, everyone is friendly, the food is a wonderful mix of American, eastern Indian
and Caribbean spices. Like I said, it does not disappoint.

We are out in the open Caribbean Sea, out of cell phone range and the training and maintenance is back in full swing. That will end tomorrow as we make preparation to arrive in San Juan Thursday. 

This year San Juan will be five-days, as we will send home about 140 4/C cadets, and fly another 140 in to join. The port will be busy, but like St. Thomas, Puerto Rico is like a foreign country in the US. They’re quirks are different; they use US dollars, drive on the right side of the road, taxes are higher, and they mostly speak Spanish. And they have great beaches, tropical rain forests and great

But before the cadets can enjoy that – they have an examination day tomorrow – mid-terms for the upper class, finals for the 4/C. The fun will have to wait.

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