Sunday, January 4, 2015

FTV MMA Cadets Return to Prepare for Seaterm 2015 Departure

It's  the start of the new year. The MMA campus is  more than busy as over 600-cadets and 150 officers and crew prepared for Sea Term 2015: attending classes, emergency training in the pool, and loading the 540’ Training Ship Kennedy for the 6-week right of passage known as “semester-at-sea”.

Today was Cadet check in day for the third (sophomore) and fourth class cadets (freshman). The morning was full of prep work and hype in anticipation of the cadets arrival. The cadets were dropped off at Admirals hall and divided up into their divisions. Once assigned the cadets dropped off  their sea bags  and headed off to Admirals hall. Captain Bushy and other ships crew briefed them on the check in process, reminded them of proper behavior in the ports, and explained overall ship board safety and customs.

After the meeting with the ships Master (the captain) the cadets  moved out of the hall to the Medical screening room. The purpose of this is to have a face to face discussion with EACH cadet about the importance of shipboard hygiene and preventative medicine. The cadets are asked a few questions about their recent health conditions so as to familiarize the Medical Staff with any of their special needs. 

Following the meeting and screening, the cadets were sent to their holds (rooms) where they were given time to get acquainted with hold mates, and get situated in their new home of the next few months. Cadets then unpacked their sea-bags which contained all of the items they are required to bring on SeaTerm. This list was very specific as there is limited space in the holds, and each cadet must bring the appropriate uniforms for each day's work assignments on the ship. Here is a list of items that the cadets were required to bring aboard for their SeaTerm. 

Can you think of what kind of travel bag you would need to hold and protect your laptop computer, cellular phone, and other essential items for your travel and still be light enough to carry? If you could design your bag to meet the needs of this trip, what kind of bag would you have? Does it have to be water resistant?  Use the engineering design process to research questions, brainstorm ideas, design, build, and test a prototype of your travel bag.

Try this challenge: Congratulations on being one of the select scientists going to Antarctica!You have just received notice of medical clearance and are PQ’ d (physically qualified)so you know that you are definitely going. You have so much to do before you are ready to go. One of the important things you need to do is get your clothes and supplies and pack them.

Just for fun: Try this online activity to see if you are ready to set sail.

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