Sunday, February 22, 2015


22 February 2015

As I submit this log I see seemingly nice weather, warm temperatures, light snow and very little wind. But if you were in Buzzards Bay along the banks of the Cape Cod Canal it would be different – by the evidence of very dense fog. That fog along would have been the cause of a delayed docking today. Second guessing a decision is always dangerous to the ego, but in this case I am confident the correct action was to come in yesterday.

I’d like to extend our thanks to many people for their help this past voyage. I know it some cases they are supposed to do it, either as a function of their jobs, or as a contractor – but like cadets with the Master’s Award – they do it without question, and often do more than expected.

A large thank you goes to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for assigning Rob Neimeyer to the Kennedy for six weeks. Rob was up early every day working with the cadets on weather observation and submission under the Voluntary Observing Service program – and for teaching meteorology to Third Class cadets. Rob – I hope Paula lets you come again next year!

In Buzzards Bay we recognize Northeast Marine Pilots for their services in and out, McAllister towing for the push here and the pull there in docking and undocking. The Maritime Administration for dedicated response as ship owner to both machinery and operational issues, especially Marine Surveyor Jeff Brown. The whole gang of maritime employees – from Annie in shoreside administration, to Billy and Chuck for help before sailing, and support after. Tom and Doug Bardwell of Bardwell Electronics for last minute efforts to make use seaworthy. Port Everglades and St Thomas pilots free service. The group of officers from the Cape Cod Field Office of the US Coast Guard Preventions Branch and the American Bureau of Shipping for a commitment to make sure we are ready for sea. John Dauly and Russell Stone of Ocean Charting Services. Donnie Spring at Sandwich Ship Supply for those last minute deliveries of stuff we need. They all make this trip go a little easier for the ship’s officers and crew – thank you.

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