Tuesday, February 10, 2015

FTV Cadets Paying It Forward

Guest Bloggers 4/c Kaylene Murphy; Randolph, MA & 4/c Jacqueline Duggan; Plymouth, MA
It's not all work on board the Kennedy, today we made flyers and raffle tickets for the upcoming jousting night. For many years now, cadets have raised funds while on sea term for the Wounded Warrior project by purchasing raffle tickets for auction items. Prizes such as “first off the shop” or “extra day of liberty” there is even “breakfast in bed” (yet to be determined if it will be served by the Captain!) are among the top prizes. We also made flyers to advertise for the jousting match that will take place in February on the Helo deck. These events provide for a fun day at Sea for the cadets all while raising money for a great cause.
With a raffle and auction going on you might be thinking: Why? Well, all the proceeds were to benefit the local organization, Cape Cod Military Children's Fund. Cadets at MMA have a good sense of volunteerism and giving-back. To be able to have such a fun day and raise money for a worthwhile cause makes everyone feel good.
Last years more than $10,000 total — most of which was raised during the cadets' two-month term at sea — was the highest the academy has raised in four years of fundraising for the Wounded Warrior Project. Read more: MMA cadets donate $10K from sea term to wounded warrior project

Who would have thought that volunteerism was rampant at Massachusetts Maritime Academy. When you add up the number of hours required for classes, the Regiment, sports and life in general... you have to wonder... what’s left? Squeezing out that additional hour, finding a bit of extra energy is no easy feat.  It is however, the order of the day at the Academy.  Freshmen are required to complete ten hours of community service. But the trickle down effect of staff volunteerism keeps cadets reaching out to those less fortunate on a regular basis. And, MMA personnel pride themselves in leading by example.  Many of these smart, positive staff role models are dedicated to community service and helping others in general.

Service-learning is more than just a buzzword for community service or volunteering. By participating in an environmental service learning project, you are making a difference in your future and the future of our plan.

Investigate your resources of time, talent and treasure and brainstorm how these can be used to address community needs/issues or problems in your school, neighborhood and larger community.

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