Wednesday, February 18, 2015

FTV Emergency Management Classroom

Guest Blogger 1/c Kevin Dougherty

Today in Emergency Management Class the cadets began the day with an introduction to the major by CDR Kelleher. CDR Kelleher is the Deputy Commandant of Cadets and an instructor with an extensive background in EM. Next the cadets listened to several presentations of student co-ops that 1/c Nicholas, 1/c Nelson, and 1/c Dougherty (The EM Training Rates) have participated in. We closed out the first half of the training day learning about the history of biological hazards. Following the lunch break, the cadets settled in for more presentation covering health care in EM, humanitarian aid, and current events following ISIS. Closing out the day, cadets learned about issues during hurricane Katrina and participated in a mock evacuation exercise for New Orleans, LA.

Consider the threats that natural disasters (specifically tornadoes, volcanoes, and earthquakes) pose for humans, then compare and contrast two disasters.

FEMA’s Be a Hero curriculum, will train you in emergency preparedness!

Be a disaster master with this online game.

Learn about the different natural disaster found on our planet.

Emergency Preparedness: It’s Not Just for Adults!

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