Friday, February 6, 2015

FTV Engine Watch

Guest bloggers:1/c Matthew MacLeod and 3rd Information Technology Rate, MENG

Standing watch is a huge part of Seaterm. At any given time there are over 50 cadets on watch either in the engine room, on the bridge or on the support bill. Watches take place 24/7 in 4 or 8-hr shifts. Cadets of the oncoming watch typically will muster 30-minutes before watch is scheduled to begin. After a muster is taken,cadets meet with the offgoing watch team about what happened on their watch and if there is anything you should know.

As the cadets move from 4/c to 1/C they assume more responsibilities while standing watch. 1st class cadets are responsible for the operation of the machinery and supervising the underclassmen. Seniors are also in charge of maintaining a computerized and written logbook. Accuracy of the logbook is very important, no cadets want to attend “Logbook School” taught by Chief Engineer Laffan the morning of their liberty day.

On watch the senior cadets, do a written log of their watch activities, while 3rd class cadets (sophomores) have to complete hourly rounds recording temperatures and pressures and monitor all the machinery. 4th class cadets (freshman) are the “wipers”. Wipers follow around the 3/c cadet on rounds as well as literally wipe up oil and water spills to keep the engine room clean and safe.

On watch and in lab measurement is a basic and important aspect of mechanical and marine engineering work. MMA engineering cadets are required to use various measurement tools and make necessary changes in pressure, temperature, flow and speed to control the Engine Room. To properly work in the engine room cadets must be able to select the appropriate measuring instrument then handle, operate and manipulate to keep the system running efficiently. Skills are needed for measurement techniques used for measurement of pressure, force, strain, temperature, flow, speed, level, etc. In the laboratory work students are exposed to the experiments on the available experimental set ups in the measurement laboratory. Mechanical measurement is an technology subject.

See the powerpoint, try the activities then think like a design engineer of surgical instruments.
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