Wednesday, February 4, 2015

FTV Saying Goodbye to San Juan as We get back to Work.

As we depart from San Juan, we are heading off to our next Port, Fort Lauderdale, and of course back to work and training.

 The cadets share their amazing experiences in Puerto Rico.
From 3/c Matthew Cassanelli San Juan, PR was an amazing and historical port. One great experience I had was going on my first fishing charter. Although we didn't catch anything, it was great to meet some locals and get a different view of the island. Also taking on the seas in a 50-foot boat instead of a 550-ft ship. Puerto Rico was a great experience and I definitely would like to visit again. 

From 3/c David Rodriguez
San Juan was an absolutely beautiful port. A city with a lot of history and heritage. I would have to say that my two favorite experiences in San Juan were visiting the Old Spanish forts, and visiting the rain forest. Both offered incredible views of the island. I would love to visit again someday.

However it is back to work this afternoon especially for the Senior Deck Cadets working with Captain Bushy.

The senior marine transportation cadets as part of their class on anchoring where tasked with breaking into their watch teams to create an anchoring plan for the Kennedy. The ship is going to stop in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico for anchoring drills and one of the plans that the senior comes up with will be used in the actual drill.
The plan consists of designating a course and speed to accompany a series of circles measured to show the swing circle of the ship when at anchor. The ship rotates about the anchor based on tides and wind. This swing circle is used to determine the way the ship will rotate about the anchor. The plan also consists of danger bearings, waypoints, and ranges to get the vessels position.
Once the groups finished their different plans the Captain came to our class to evaluate our work. Then he selects one to use as the plan for the official drill. It was quite the experience to write up a real anchoring plan.

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