Friday, December 4, 2015

FTV Meet blogger Courtney Collins

1/C Courtney Collins

Hello Follow The Voyager Viewers!

My name is Courtney Collins and I am one of the lead bloggers you will be hearing from as you follow the voyage of the T. S. Kennedy’s Sea Tern 2016. I am currently a senior at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy who is studying Marine Safety and Environmental Protection and International Maritime Business. Here at the academy I hold a senior cadet leadership role, which is the Regimental Training and Retention Officer. It is my job to promote the school and help the freshman class become accustomed to the regimented lifestyle. Why am I going on sea term you might ask! The reason being that I am doing an independent study on safety with hazardous materials management and of course I am writing blogs! I hope to bring many classroom lessons to you and stories of our travels. Until next time. . . Courtney

Here is how Courtney is preparing for Seaterm 2016.

For the past three weeks, I have been taking part in the scuba diving certification class through the scuba diving club puts together for all of the students who wish to participate. This is one of the activities I can partake in during the week that I can de-stress from all of my class work. It is something fun and worthwhile doing. Classes are from 1830 to 2230 on Tuesdays. The course lasts five weeks and you learn all of the ins and outs of scuba diving. There were a few reasons why I chose to do this; one, I plan on working on ships in the Caribbean and I hope to dive in my free time, two is that I am going on sea term this year so I will be able to go diving around the world in the ports of Aruba, Panama City, Key West, and Costa Rica. This is a great way to learn a skill that can last you a lifetime and you can have fun doing it wherever you go in the world. So thank you Scuba Club and SGA for putting together this great opportunity for all students.
Here I am in my scuba gear.

Learn more about the Science of Scuba Diving

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This activity will show you why scuba diving is an important skill for environmentalists, like MSEP cadets.

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