Saturday, January 2, 2016


The annual event of activating the KENNEDY for Sea Term has intensified. This morning 120 first class cadet officers reported for duty – as well as the full deck and engineering operations departments and the Food Service folks.

The boilers were lighted off yesterday and steam is staring to be distributed to the many systems throughout the ship – heat exchangers, water heaters, galley kettles and steam tables to name a few. Full refrigeration systems are up and running. Yesterday the small ship’s crew hand-carried about six pallets supply of food aboard so as to keep the crew fed until the big load on commences Monday afternoon.

There is an interesting dynamic occurring this year – more and more parents are dropping their cadets off early – and hanging out to chat with some of the officers. It is very rewarding to hear from the parents about the admissions/decision process of their sons and daughters. The story often begins when a parent’s friend talks about MMA – that is an alumnus. Sometimes the kid’s rationale was a love for the water, others engineering, and occasionally a particular sport. But what the overarching comment is how the parents feel the Academy team – enrollment, athletics, faculty, Comcad – all take the cadets interests and support to heart. I am not in any one of those individual departments – but I know a ship tour is always part of the effort – so I feel a part of a wonderful team and very proud of all the staff.

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