Thursday, January 14, 2016


We’ve been rolling along the last few days – literally! Steaming southwest toward Puerto Rico we have had an easterly swell giving us a steady role of between 7-10 degrees. Not too difficult to cope with, but nonetheless a circumstance that may cause you to bump into bulkhead while walking, and
requiring careful descent down ladders. I guess the youngies are getting their sea legs sooner rather than later.

This morning we are shaping up for an arrival into Mayaguez Bay Puerto Rico for anchor drills. Mayaguez is perfect for these drills because there is virtually no traffic, good water and navigation aids. What this means is the First Class Deck Cadets take full-charge of the bridge and foc’sle (bow) and complete an anchoring of the ship. The First Class Engine Cadets are assuming full-control down below too. It is a wonderful learning experience, but rather stressful to the watch officers and me. For this reason we’ll have a deck watch officer, a training officer and me on the bridge, as well as a training office and deck mate up at the windlass. We will do this for the next three days, three times
each day.

Most everything is going well on board – training and maintenance continues. We have five cadets from Texas Maritime on board, and one said to me the other day “you all sure keep us busy”. A busy mind is a good thing!

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