Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Panama City has come and gone. I know most everyone had a good time. Yesterday were departed the dock at Rodman and headed out to anchor to load fuel. We call this bunkering – an old term coined when the sailors used to hand shovel coal into “bunkers”, or an area that was divided into small parts using planks. This keeping the coal from shifting while the ship rolled in the sea way. The bunkering took about ten hours, involving many engineering officers and cadets, who manage which tanks the fuel goes into, and how much. If they allow too much into our double bottom tanks, the fuel could spill out the air escapes to those tanks – and that would not be good! We took on 5,400 barrels,
or 226,800 gallons! It sounds like a lot until you realize we burn about 45 gallons per mile when we are steaming at 15 knots.

Late last night we took departure from Flamenco Anchorage and started our passage toward the realm of King Neptune – the exact location is only known to Shellbacks – but most know it is near the Equator. Once there the Pollywogs aboard will experience meeting Shellbacks and being instructed in the duties of membership. I suppose we’ll hear more about this tomorrow.

We are making good speed now and enjoying partly cloudy skies, near 85 degrees with a southerly breeze – most of our cadets’ first experience in the Pacific Ocean.

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