Wednesday, January 20, 2016

FTV Ile Vache, Haiti

We made a quick stop off the coast of Ile Vache, Haiti. As I mentioned earlier in the blog we brought a large amount of medical supplies, soccer equipment, diapers, and shoes for the people of Ile Vache. Cadets worked throughout the fall gathering donations for an orphanage and school on this small island off the southern coast of Haiti.

Professor Lennon and his Emergency Management cadets have been involved for over two years helping reconstruct buildings and working with the local government to make improvements to an area that was devastated by an earthquake.

On Monday morning at around 1000 hours we anchored and 1/C Brittany Driscoll and Captain Lennon met the ship in small skiffs pictured above, to load all 16 pallets of goods to bring back to the island. This was a very successful execution of offloading supplies and getting them to people in need.

Captain Bushy leads the Haitian Dignitaries on a visit to the Kennedy bridge
While we were offloading supplies we met with meet with some Haitian Dignitaries. That afternoon we hosted the United States Ambassador of Haiti, US Coast Guard members, US Army and Navy Members, UN workers, the Mayor of Ile Vache and Leaders of the maritime industry in Haiti. They were all very happy to see us and were very, very thankful for what the cadets at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy were doing to help the country of Haiti.

Our visitors were treated to a tour of the Kennedy's bridge and the engine room, and enjoyed a wonderful lunch. It was a very eventful day and it was very nice to meet all of them and show they how excited our school is to help Haiti.

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