Monday, January 11, 2016

FTV Life on Board

Coming from Mass Maritime Academy, all of the cadets have learned how to use time management. This is a very good skill for all of us to have on a ship too because we have a set schedule every day.

On the Kennedy this schedule is called the Plan of the Day, or for short hand, the POD. On the POD it has what division or group is providing for utility, which is cleaning, on watch which is when cadets are running and maintaining the engine room or bridge of the ship, and which division is on maintenance which is when they fix anything that needs to be fixed on the ship. The POD then tell the cadets what the uniform of the day is so we know what to report to work in. Then their is a schedule of the day. This usually includes reveille (wake up time),

Morning formation (a muster or attendance), a lunch time muster to make sure everyone is accounted for, and anything else that might be important. At the bottom there are always notes as well. This is one way crew and COMCAD (people in charge of the cadets) can get announcements out.

As one can see this POD runs our lives and it is very specific. One the ship a normal day for one of the cadets would go something like this. Starting bright and early reveille is called at 0600. From there cadets will wake up, get ready and go to breakfast. After breakfast at around 0745 we have our morning formation where we take a muster and get our duties for the day. If your division is on watch you either sleep before your watch time or go to your four hour watch shift. Since the ship operates on a 24 hour schedule you must mange your time and sleep so you are awake and alert during your shift.

If your division is on maintenance you will get a project for the day and work on that until the end of the work day.

If your division is on training you will report to either your deck or engine classes depending on your major.

Once morning formation is concluded and everyone knows where to go and what to do the work day begins until lunch break which can be any were between 1100 and 1300. After the cadets eat their lunch it is that time again to take a muster. The lunch time muster is very important when we are
at sea because we have to constantly account for each cadet to make sure they are safe, for example if anyone had fallen overboard.

The work day then resumes with the cadets maintenance, watch, and classes until about 1600.

Then the cadets are free to do what they please. Whether it be eating dinner, playing cards, doing their homework, or watching a movie it is their time to do what they would like until the next day at morning formation. 

Since we work and study everyday on board the ship, we look forward to fun when we have port days to break the weeks up, 

Right now we will have to wait almost two weeks till Panama!

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Do you feel like you have enough time to do all the things you have to do and want to do? How do you think you could manage your time better?

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