Sunday, January 24, 2016

FTV Panama City Day 1


We are docked and ready to begin our visit to Panama City. Divisions 1, 2, and 3 were able to get off and explore Panama City. There were no planned excursions, so we all did a lot of exploring by ourselves. The most popular place that everyone went to was the Albrook Mall. I cannot even describe how large it is, but if you are from the South Shore imagine the Braintree, South Shore Plaza time about 10. It is only 5 minutes from Panama City, the Albrook Mall is the largest, full, fun, family shopping center in the region. It has more than 700 stores among which find supermarket, cinemas, pharmacies, banks, beauty salons, and more than 100 restaurants divided into 3 food courts. Among its amenities also we find a casino, bowling alley, video arcade, light show, dj, entertainment staff, children's rides, miniature trains for travel and fun. The exotic atmosphere full of gigantic animal kingdom statues as the panda, dinosaur and dolphin, are named more than a dozen areas and corridors that make this "one-stop-shop" in your favorite shopping destination . 
Albrook Mall
The other popular place everyone went to was the Amador Causeway. The Causeway is a place where there are a lot of cool shops and restaurants. It is a rather large peninsula with a few marinas on it as well. The Amador Causeway Panama is six kilometers long and is a must which is a must see for any visitor to Panama City. Any day of the week the Amador Causeway is bustling with tourists taking in the spectacular views of Panama City. There are people watching as ships enter the passage to the Panama Canal, locals going to dinner, families taking a stroll along the sidewalk, athletes exercising, sailors coming in off the ships, travelers heading to the local islands off the coast and people taking advantage of the Duty Free store on the Flamenco Island.

Some ventured in to Panama City itself and said it was amazing! There were very cool buildings and a lot of statues showing Panama’s history. 
Monument of explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa
When it came around to dinner a lot of people on board went to old Panama City! Like the Causeway, there are many restaurants and shops. It reminded me of the time I went to Old San Juan in PR.
Old Panama City
Today we have excursions going out so you will get to hear about them tomorrow along with news about an onboard Reception we will be hosting. 

Until Next Time

Like other countries in South and Central America, Panama has faced serious environmental issues. However, in the 20th century Panama began to take positive steps in the opposite direction. The country began to create protected areas (including parks and wildlife refuges), write environmental laws, and establish conservation agencies. Panamanians are beginning to realize the tremendous importance of their forests, coasts and rivers. This awareness of environmental issues will have a huge impact on the country’s future.

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