Wednesday, February 10, 2016

CAPTAIN'S LOG – 10 February 2016

Just steaming up through Windward Passage between Hispaniola and Cuba (Haiti and Cuba).  The prevailing wind in the Caribbean and South Atlantic Ocean is easterly, and this time of year it is called the Trade Winds, or simply the Trades – but in the Passage the wind tends to shift North East.  Obviously if sailing a Spanish Galleon from Columbia to Spain this would not be the route to follow – because the wind would be right ahead, making sailing nearly impossible. Back in those days, centuries ago, they tended to favor a route west of Cuba, which would get them into the Gulf Stream, which effectively carries them to the North Atlantic. It is interesting where landmasses and
waterways got their names from.

Last night we had our charity auction which will provide aid to the Military Families of Cape Cod, an organization based at Joint Base Cape Cod, involving active and retired military folks.  I think we did OK, but we've a few more days of accepting donations.

Tonight we change things up a bit, as we will conduct Captain's Inspection and Pre-Port Briefing tonight, two nights before port.  We did this so that we could host the annual SGA night tomorrow, which will have antics such as Jousting Competitions, and fund raising raffles. Should be fun.

Early Friday morning we'll take a pilot for Key West – and make our final port visit of the 2016 SeaTerm. It seems like just yesterday that we steamed out of Buzzards Bay – and before we know it it'll be graduation time for our First Class cadets. Crazy how time flies.

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