Saturday, February 20, 2016

CAPTAIN’S LOG – 20 February 2016

We are anchored in Cape Cod Bay – going FWE at 0942.  The weather is dreary and cold, but nothing like yesterday – or last year when we were practically iced in.  We are looking forward to this weak front pushing through today, and seeing a bright day, warm temperatures and light breezes tomorrow.

We should be alongside by 0830 in the morning, and will try to get the gangway down as soon as possible – but please understand that we must get the ship into position, get a few lines run and tight before we let the tugboats go. Once that is done we can comfortably allow personnel to depart the vessel safely, probably around 0930.  I know that it is to be a warm day, but seeking shelter from the cold in the Dining Hall and Bresnahan Hall will help.

Tomorrow is the great exodus from the ship – cadets still have to return for work on Monday and Tuesday – but tomorrow they move gear off.  This allows us to properly clean the berthing compartments before the final inspections.  This is also the one day of the year when cadets elect to not take their families and friends on a tour – but if they want to – the ship is open for cadet escorted tours.

I’ll look forward to waving hello and blasting the whistle in the morning to family and friends – especially the brave souls that trek out onto Scusett Beach breakwater.  Those are dedicated folks!

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