Sunday, February 14, 2016

FTV Exploring Downtown Key West

Hello Everyone,

Even though we did not have any excursions planned yesterday, everyone had a great time. Key
west is definitely a shopping town. We were able to go shopping and walk around, Duval Street a famous downtown street in Key West, Florida, that runs north and south from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean. From shore to shore, the street is just over a mile in length. Along the way we stopped at some shops and famous restaurants.

Many students rented either bikes or little scooters to zip around the little island. It was funny to walk around and all you see is maritime cadets driving around and honking their horns.

After shopping for a bit we decided to take in the sites

St. Paul's Episcopal Church
 We went to a church that was over 200 years old.Established in 1832, St. Paul's Episcopal Church is the oldest church in South Florida. The current church is the fourth to occupy this location, the previous churches being destroyed by fire and hurricanes. Inside you will find a magnificent collection of stained glass windows

We continued to venture down the street and took a tour of the oldest house in key west, which was 187 years old. As we walked closer and closer to town the more and more historic sites.

The final stop we made was at the Hemming way house! We took it all in and had a nice and easy day! I'll tell you more tomorrow!

Until next time,

The climate of the Florida Keys is tropical, as is the southern part of the state of Florida. However, because of the islands' location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, they are very prone to hurricanes. Hurricanes are a problem in the area because the islands have very low elevations, are surrounded by water and flooding from the storm's surges can easily affect large areas of the Keys. As a result of flooding threats, evacuation orders are regularly put into place when hurricanes threaten the area.

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