Tuesday, February 16, 2016

FTV Heading Homeward Fast Rescue Boats

Key West Students visit the Kennedy
Hello Everyone!

It is a wrap now! We are officially underway and making our way back to Mass Maritime. With a great two days in Key West, that included hosting a ship reception for some local high school juniors, two of whom were boys' whose father is an 85 alumni is currently a harbor pilot in KW. The cadets also left Keywest feeling our first cold days as we head back to Taylor's Point. I think everyone is ready to come home now. 

Most ships in today's world have fast rescue boats/crafts/ or vessels. Our training ship also has one. The purpose of a fast rescue craft is to rescue someone quickly, just like it says in the name. You can also use it as a tender, but mostly just for emergency situations, for example like a man over board situation.

On the trip down, while off the coast of Puerto Rico, we actually had to use our fast rescue boat. With the teamwork from our deck crew and our medical staff we were able to take preventative measures with two cadets onboard the ship. Their conditions were not life threatening, but we were able to take the safe precautionary measures by transporting them to Puerto Rico for medical help. They made it safely to Puerto Rico and flew home with one of the academy's staff back to Massachusetts.


This was not an ideal situation for the cadets because they both wanted to stay on the ship, but they needed to get the medical attention that they required so our fantastic medical team made the call.

This was a good learning experience for all of the cadets on board that watched the fast rescue boat launching and procedure. It was a situation where we were able to apply classroom knowledge to a real life situation. We are all very happy the cadets made it home safely and we hope you are feeling better!

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