Thursday, January 13, 2011

Captain's Blog 1/13/11

The bunker barge finally arrived at 2000 last evening, and our engineers went right to work gauging and starting the loading process. Soon we could predict that the process would likely last until 2 or 3 in the morning, and then after finishing, expected the engineers to come off the cold deck and climb down into the hot engine room to test gear, answer maneuvering bells and standby until the pilot was off would be asking them to complete a full overnight shift. Instead I decided to allow them to immediately go below for warmth and rest, and then get up to heave anchor at 0800.

So, with the pilot aboard we finished heaving very shortly after 0800, and out of the Cooper River we went. Fast at first but now at a slower rate in compliance of the Right Whale Mandatory Speed Reduction Area. But by noon we should be up to nearly 17 knots as we head for Tampa to do anchor drills.

I saw the crew and cadet cell phones were busy all day yesterday, and we have discovered that the greater use of cell phones with internet capability tends to use up available broadband. Since our computer lab is a Wi-Fi system, we expect that allot of email users were denied access. Now that we are out to sea I expect that the users should have an easier time getting to log-on.

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