Thursday, January 13, 2011

FTV 1/13/11

Today the Kennedy is anchoring in Charleston, SC to take on fuel. Our ship can hold around 6000 barrels of heavy fuel oil. This weighs around 925 metric tons which is equivalent to 950 standard tons. The speed at which the heavy fuel oil can be transferred from the barge to our vessel depends on the viscosity of the liquid. The viscosity depends on how warm the liquid is. The warmer the liquid the less viscous it becomes. Some barges have the ability to heat the fuel oil before dispensing it with the use of heated coils.

When the fuel oil is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit we can get 6000 barrels in around 4-5 hours. At colder temperatures it can take from 6-12 hours. During bunkering a team of 5 officers and 12 cadets are on duty to oversee the process. The lead officer (1st asst engineer) mans the rail at the physical spot of transfer from barge to ship. The 2nd asst engineering officer is in the engine room. The remaining officers have different duties such as checking fuel level in tanks using sounding tapes. There will be 6 cadets above decks and 6 bellow in the engine room. While bunkering, an oil spill team is close by so that in the rare event of a spill can be taken care of quickly with minimal damage to the local ecosystem.


1) How many gallons of heavy fuel oil can the ship hold if there are 42 gallons per barrel?
2) Define viscosity; give some examples of viscous fluids.
3) How many degrees Celsius is 70 degrees Fahrenheit?

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