Sunday, January 23, 2011

Enjoying the Sun

We are glad to report that the weather is more cooperative than it has been the past few days. It is still a bit cloudy but we can see the sun and the wind is at bay. Vera Cruz has been very welcoming to us. Just yesterday, we took a bus tour around the city and got to see the historic sites as well as the more modern parts of town. There is a great deal of history in the city of Vera Cruz. There are historical museums, art galleries, statues, and incredible buildings that make this city beautiful. Right as we step off the ship, we are immersed in the culture around us. There are dozens of different shops and vendors that line the streets. They offer a myriad of different items and great souveneirs to purchase to remind us our our trip. The food here is very different that food in the United States, however it is delicious. If you´re not feeling adventurous however, a cheeseburger can be found just about anywhere. Today, we are looking forward to more fun in the sun as we will tour around Vera Cruz to take in the venues and experience the culture.

-1/c Nicholas Lauria and 3/c Joshua Lamm

FTV Coordinators

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