Saturday, January 22, 2011

Captain's Blog 1/22/11

Yesterday's wind moderated enough for the Harbormaster to open the port - so we finished up morning training - shifted divisions once more - and in we went. The wind caused some anxiety in harbor approach and docking, but as they say, any docking you can walk away from...

We cleared customs and immigration at 1250, and started letting officers, crew and first class ashore around 1330. By 1500 there were 495 people ashore out of 694 totals. The speed to which we were able to allow so many to go ashore so fast was attributable to our new RF scan system at the gangway. It's working well, and we hope that it continues to do so.

The morning report to me from the Commandant indicated we had four cases of misbehavior in port last night. Pretty good, but those three will long for liberty time over the next two ports.

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