Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vera Cruz Day 2 January, 22

Buenos Dias! Today is day two of our port visit to Vera Cruz, Mexico. Liberty was piped before 0800 this morning; however there was not a mad dash to get off the ship ASAP like there was yesterday. Today is an overcast day and hopefully the sun will show up in the afternoon becasue I believe the beach is the target for most, I know it is for me and my friends. Vera Cruz is better than some though it would be. There are good places to eat, shop, and there is also a pretty nice strip (although it is small) with music and entertainment. Disvison two has watch and maintenance today so no one in that division will be leaving the ship. All cadets came back to the ship safe last night for those parents who may have been worried about not receiving a good night message. the Mexican ruins tour departed this morning at 0745 and will also be going out tomorrow. Josh and I will be mailing our pictures to Buzzards Bay this weekend, I tried to include every cadet in atleast one, but if you do not see yours tell him or her to come find me. Adios!

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