Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Captain's Blog 2/8/11

We sailed out of Bridgetown this morning under partly cloudy skies, a freshening easterly breeze and one tired crew. The cadets seemed to put their all into this port, grabbing as much liberty time as possible. The port visit was not without some problems however. Nothing serious, no injuries, just some nagging problems with a few cadets that don't seem to understand that their behavior in port matters. Well, they made their choices, and the punishments will be doled out equitably.

We've found ourselves in an easterly trough here in the Caribbean Sea, driven by a week's worth of strong easterlies. The 8-12 foot swell is catching us right on the starboard quarter - which seems to be the Kennedy's sweet spot for rolling. We are experiencing steady 10-15 degree roles. Not a problem really, but an inconvenience in that we have had it so smooth nearly the whole trip.

Busy few days ahead, as we have to do the pre-USA arrival stowaway and contraband search tonight, we have to get 692 custom declaration forms completed, and we have to do another round of Captain's Inspections before we arrive in San Juan on Thursday morning.

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