Monday, February 7, 2011

FTV 2/7/11

There are little facts and treasures on this island that one really needs to dig for. The most interesting things are the things that people often pass by or ignore. Walking around Barbados has caused the cadets to learn a lot about the history and talent that has come from the island. Barbados is home to Sir Garfield Sobers who is globally said to be the greatest cricketer the game has ever seen. Cricket is the country's passion and one of its oldest pastimes. He is called the greatest athlete that has come from the island as well. He started when he was 17 years old in 1953 and continued to successfully compete and break records until he retired from the sport in 1973. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1974 for his devoted contribution to sports. He was also recognized as a National Hero in Barbados in 1999. Barbados is also where Rhianna, the pop singer, is from and resides.

There is also something a little less pleasant that resides in Barbados. It is called the Manchineel Tree. It is a large leafy tree that is known to grow on the west coast of the island along the beaches. This tree has fruit that resembles small green apples that are extremely toxic. Just touching the leaves and bark of the tree causes distasteful blisters. Also people are advised against sheltering under one of these trees from a rain storm because the raindrops that have touched the leaves can also be irritant to sensitive skin. These trees are usually blocked off with warning signed and red tape. They are dangerous trees to humans but are not cut down because their roots prevent erosion on the beaches.

Black spiny sea urchins are also on the island and are known to lurk around shallow sea bottoms and near reefs. They have sharp spiny skin that is harmful to people. They sting and have been known to pierce through wet suits so divers have to exercise caution. There is so much to learn about this island. Everywhere you go, there is history, scenery and adventure.


  • How many people inhabit the island of Barbados?
  • What is the native language of Barbados?
  • Where was the first English settlement on Barbados?

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