Friday, February 18, 2011

FTV 2/18/11

All of the classes for freshmen are complete. Sophomore and senior deck cadets are done with their sea term projects. The sophomore and senior engineers have their sea projects completed as well; all that is left academically are finals. Today is exam day throughout the ship. Cadets have been busy studying for these final exams which will be a part of each cadet̢۪s final grade.

All freshmen will take the remainder of their exams covering: engineering, marine safety, environmental protection, international maritime business, emergency management, and marine transportation. For sophomore and senior deck cadets, an exam that covers their training days will be taken along with STCW assessments and qualifications. Sophomore and senior engineering cadets have an exam as well as a plate exam, for which they will need to draw one of the systems in the engine room. Most of the assessments and qualifications have already been completed however some still need to be done. For example, sophomore deck cadets have qualifications on splicing three strand manila rope and stoppers for mooring lines.

We are steadily heading north along our course for home. By the end of tomorrow, we will be anchored in Cape Cod Bay in preparation for our arrival in Buzzards Bay. Before we anchor, we must travel around Cape Cod to enter the bay. This will provide an excellent view of the Massachusetts coastline and to cadets, a great site of familiar land and home.


In cases involving the Nautical Rules of the Road, is Cape Cod Bay considered international or inland?

What two bodies of water does the Cape Cod Canal connect?

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