Friday, January 20, 2012

Captain's Blog 1/20/12

Arrival in Golfito, Costa Rica was early but rewarding. The seas were smooth
due to virtually no wind – only what we call “light airs”. We had to cope with
some small fishing boats working the entrance to Golfito Bay which is the
sailfish capital of the world – so I guess no surprises there!

Golfito is rural in a word. It has inspiring hills right up to the sea, and
they are overgrown with tropical vegetation. I am sure if you climbed up the
hills you would encounter monkeys.   The town is essentially one road, the same
road that runs along the entire west coast.   There are paths inland toward the
hills, but not any roads to speak of up there. I guess most of the people walk
down the hill and catch the bus that runs the coastal road. But they can’t go
too far. We are not permitted to travel more than 25 kilometers from the ship,
staying in Golfito Province, and we are told that a drive to Quepos, only 50
miles away, takes five hours.  Things move slowly down in the south of Costa

Our docking was really cool. Four years ago we came and made a right gradual
turn into the dock, port side to, using the bow thruster, engines and rudder.
Today we came in, turned right and moved ahead of the dock. At this point the
pilot dropped the port anchor and we worked around on it until we were headed
for the dock. Then we dredged the anchor toward the dock, giving us great
control of the bow as we moved in to a starboard side to docking.  As we got
close a line boat took our heaving lines ashore, then once the mooring lines
were run, we heaved in the bow and stern to the dock. No bow thruster this
time, where the anchor and lines did the rest.  No tug boats, just good old
fashioned seamanship.
More tomorrow…

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