Friday, January 20, 2012

FTV 1/20/2012 Marine Engineering Classrooms

Today I went down to the Ships Engineering Classroom and Lab, even during sea term the cadets have their daily classes to attend. In the engineering department students learn to solve problems that are faced everyday on a ship. The topic of this class is steam engineering, and students learn about the how the ships engine room works, and what the functions are of the different machines located in the engine room.

It is important that the cadets learn about this machinery not only to pass the course and graduate, but also to pass the license tests given by the US Coast Guard. While in class, the rocking of the boat caused Dr. Bausch's computer table to slide, so as a good engineer does, he found an immediate solution to the problem using materials that were readily available in the engineering lab.

Next I visited the marine engineering lab where the students are learning to use the tools of engineering. There are several tables and each one has all the supplies needed to learn to use and the procedure for each of the tools. In the following pictures you will see students learning to use the soldering gun, and tools to thread and fit pipes. Which phase of the design process do you think these students are in? Why?

Engineering design is a creative process that challenges designers to develop a product or system that meets some stated limitations or criteria. The designers must identify the specific problem they are facing and then develop a solution that addresses the challenge. Quite often the designers will first explore a number of possible solutions, then select and refine the best solution.

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