Wednesday, January 9, 2013

FTV January 9, 2013 Cadet Leaders Arrive

We're back!

This morning the gangway was bustling! All the cadet rates arrived with gear in hand ready to get Sea Term 2013 started! We're all moved on to the Kennedy and have had our preliminary safety briefing from Captain Bushy, Captain Rozak, Commander Kelleher, and Dr. Cuckor.

Right now, the Marine Engine rates are making sure the engine room is prepared while the Deckies and non-license rates are onloading some cleaning equipment and other necessities for the cruise.

Having leaderhip positions, it is helpful that we are here before the rest of the cadets. Since we will all be settled, our full attention can be given to the freshmen who will be experiencing Sea Term for the first time. Thinking back to my freshman Sea Term, in 2010, coming back to school and moving onto a ship was a different experience. With so many people and their bags, I was definitely a little overwhelmed. But with the Senior Leadership taking command, we were organized and able to move on without a hitch!

The senior rates will be taking the freshmen under their wings throughout this jouney. It is their job to be the educators in the classroom, maintenance, and watch experiences. In a sense, the rates are the teachers while the teachers are the supervisors. I'll be visiting the classes once we are underway, and I will be able to introduce the rates and their supervisors to you.


Planning a trip of this kind is a task that requires much planning and organization, as the ship prepares to leave on its Seaterm 2013, let's investigate what skills are needed to prepare for a class trip of any size. If you follow theses links you will learn what a challenge trip planning can be.

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