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FTV 12/25/2013 MMA Cadets and their Majors- International Maritime Business

Happy Holidays!
I hope all of you have had a wonderful time with your friends and families this season. I was able to get a short interview in over the phone during all of the festivities. Meet Chip!

Ludvigs "Chip" Vaivarins is a 1/C IMBU Cadet from Plymouth, Ma. I have known Chip since feshman year. He is planning on having his second internship during this winter.

Question 1. In your own words, explain your major.
Answer- "International Maritime business is the best of all trades." IMBU teaches students about the maritime shipping and transportation industry.

Question 2. Explain why you chose your major.
Answer- "Business is the skeleton of the working field; it holds it all together." I do agree; having a background in any sort of business is definitely helpful today.

Question 3. After graduation, what do you hope to do with your degree?
Answer- "I plan on trying to further myself in the business industry, and see where it will take me."

The IMBU Hello/Goodbye gathering is truly a great opportunity to relax and mingle and be thankful for the blessings we enjoy at MMA. With invested cadets and faculty like this, it is no wonder students are flocking to study International Maritime Business!

The International Maritime Business (IMB) major prepares graduates to enter the maritime shipping and transportation industry as a business professional. The program includes elements of international business, logistics, and transportation. The cadets take courses in vessel familiarization, business computations, admiralty law, port operations,  economics, finance, accounting, business of shipping, global logistics, chartering and brokerage, marine insurance, international business, negotiations and organization management. The practical component of the curriculum includes one sea term and two internships. The IMB program requires the students to complete the two co-ops typically during their junior and senior years.  A summer session co-op, mid June thru August, and a winter session co-op, late December thru February, typically run for 6-8 weeks.  The IMB co-op program provides the students with excellent opportunities to gather practical experience in their chosen field in keeping with the 'learn-do-learn' philosophy of the institution and develop future employment prospects.

To learn more about this career try these activities:

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