Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2/20/2013 Passing the time waiting to get home

The week long trip home is now halfway over and we are finishing up our classes, with finals taking place on Friday. Even though we are ship bound, keeping ourselves busy has not been a problem. We have the outside decks where we can admire the view of the vast ocean, but everyone needs a little bit of activity to stay fit and feel great.
The T.S. Kennedy's gym has ellipticals, stationary bikes, ergo-meters (rowing machines), and pedal chairs in one room. Adjacent to this room is a slightly larger room with two free weight collections, an abdominal workout area, a leg press, stations for squats and bench pressing, etc. There is even a stereo system for us to hook up some music!

Just next store to the gym-combo is a laundry room. Brand new front-loading washers and dryers are stacked, back to back, and available 24/7 with a 4/C on watch to ensure that the equipment is being used properly.

Other than the gym, we have some clubs on the ship that meet at designated times for a fun workout. Today, for the first time, I participated in the Zumba class. It was a blast! Cassandra (a cadet at Mass Maritime and a food handler for Chartwells) held the class in the Seatorium (a large space located just beneath the Messdeck); she is a certified Zumba instructor,and turned our workout into a dance party! Many cadets take part in the crossfit club training or ju jit su practice, but I think that tomorrow I'll be taking a kickboxing lesson!
Up on the Helo Deck, there is a basketball hoop; cadets have the opportunity to play to de-stress from a hard day's work. We even have a school store, open from 2000 to 2100, to grab some snacks or any necessities we didn't bring enough of from home. Across the hall from the store is the library/computer lab. There is a number of books, from sci-fi thrillers to engineering workbooks. When we get back to school, the ship's library will be under renovation with the help of our very own Dr. Cuckor. The computer lab enables cadets to have access to an e-mail account for $30. So, we are still able to communicate with our loved ones at home, and I'm able to send out my blog to you every day! There is a television in the Seatorium and the Messdeck, as well as in all of the classrooms, so if we find any time to sit back and watch movie, we have the all of the needed equipment.

We are very lucky to have such an array of facilities, activities, and equipment available to us, especially to those cadets that need to stay fit for the upcoming fall sports! It keeps us healthy and sane while on board
for six weeks.

As we move up the coast we are keeping an eye on the weather, hoping not to hit any blizzard type weather. I am sure you have been weather watching too. 

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