Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Captain's Blog 2/20/13

The later part of the Sea Term always causes reflection for most of the crew - what could we do better? How did this new idea work? The concept of continuous improvement has always been applied by the ship's officers. So we ask everyone for comments - both positive and negative. This must transcend the coffee break chat - they have to put the comments in writing - and we ask for not only the comment - but the solution to a problem or a new ideas in detail. What benefits one department aboard may well cause difficulty for others. This 'after-action' reporting is then taken to the Sea Term Council that convenes in April - as we begin planning for Sea Term 2014!

One part of this process is to look at our cadets - not only for their comments - but to recognize those individuals that took their sea term participation to the next level. I announce 47 Master's Award winners today. These cadets have worked harder, studied more, improved morale, and helped other cadets - you name the possibility and at least one of the listed cadets have done it. The system calls upon the ship's department heads to select a certain number of cadets they want to recognize - and as the names are presented to me - you would be surprised how often multiple departments choose the same cadet - but that only allows them to go back and seek out another qualified cadet.

Master's Award Recipients:

First Class - Shawn Baggett of Braintree, MA; Evan Balderelli of Brimfield, MA; Trevor Brown, of Rutland, MA; Alex Burgess-Chrost of Fitchburg, MA; Kimberly Courcy of Warwick, RI; Casey Crawford of Mandeville, LA; Zachary Cushman of Longmeadow, MA; Colin Giles of Brentwood, NH; Danielle Guidry of Nashua, NH; Shelagh Hogan of North Andover, MA; Mark Hutchinson of Wellesley, MA; Joshua Lamm of North Andover, MA; Rich Leonard of Middleboro, MA; Robert Lowell of Dennisport, MA; Aaron Mann of Duxbury, MA; Suzanne Marino of Kings Park, NY; Kevin Manning of Hanover, MA; Myles Murphy of Winthrop, MA; Joseph Renehan of Milton, MA; James Ricciardone of Mt. Pleasant, SC; Christopher Rogers of Wilbraham, MA; Meghan Thibeault of Scituate, MA; and Nick Mazurkiewicz of Attleboro, MA.

Third Class -John Albani of Dedham, MA; Daniel Antonellis of Brockton, MA; Kyle Camera of Somerset, MA; Alex Contois of Abington, MA; Matthew Ferlotti of Sandwich, MA; Timothy Falconieri of Plymouth, MA; Gregory Frank of Stoughton, MA; Justin Kozel of Upton, MA; Drew Prowse of Wakefield, MA; Michael Rezendez of Sandwich, MA; Brian Sarapas of Plainville, MA; and Meghan Weir of North Andover, MA.

Fourth Class - Hamed Babrak of Quincy, MA; Andrew Balmaceda of Fairfax, VA; Emily Calnan of Hingham, MA; Courtney Collins of Pembroke, MA; Michaela Curtin of Stoughton, MA; Brandon Deal of Norton, MA; Eric DeMarines of Pepperell, MA; Brittany Driscoll of Spencer, MA; Connor Flynn of Plymouth, MA; Christopher Hanson of Melrose, MA; Charleen Klangos of Lowell, MA; Anthony Kurylak, Rye, NH; Arthur Levine of Newton, MA; Sarah Lewis of Deer Park, IL; John Moriarty of Wilmington, MA; Shawn Slaney of Northbridge, MA; and Britta Tornberg of Moores, NJ.

These cadets will all be recognized at morning formation on 15 March 2013 - when they are given a ribbon that they may wear on their uniform for the remainder of their time in the Regiment. I look forward to that day when we ship's officers can approach them as a group, and shake each hand. Well done to all!

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