Saturday, February 2, 2013

Captain's Blog 2/2/13

We moored in Montego Bay this morning. The island is a beautiful lush tropical place. Our transition into the country was relatively easy when dealing with the customs, immigration and quarantine officials. We look forward to exploring this new port.

Of course with any new place, there are significant unknowns. We spent at least an hour discussing with the ship's agent the challenges that can be faced by the cadets and crew while ashore. The usual issues - powerful rum drinks, people selling drugs, and the occasional rip-off person. These are not unusual for ports of this nature, our cadets have been briefed on the topics time and again. We hope they were listening.

I'll be off today myself to take in the local sites - the Hip Strip in Montego Bay may be a place I'll visit in the daytime, but leave the night life to the younger folks aboard.

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