Friday, February 1, 2013

FTV 2/2/2013 Emergency Management Classroom

It was my first day with the Emergency Management group! Our class began with introductions: Dr. Jop is EM's Sea Term instructor. Back at the Academy, he teaches classes like Human Health and Risk, Toxicology, Hazardous Materials, and International Terrorism.

The EM Training Rates are Kim Courcy, the Emergency Management Operations Officer. Arthur Patsios is and Larry Tagger are Emergency Management Training Rate. (Larry says hi to his Mom, Haley Gaburel) Larry's plans for the future include working for the Center for Disease Control. The group explained the Fundamentals of Emergency Management and how their internships coincide with the major.

Bridge Collapse Problem studied by EM  4/C Cadets
In this class students work on solving the problems that society faces when disaster strikes. Students discuss how to deal with disasters from infectious agents, severe weather, piracy and terrorism, and environmental spills. In today's class students watched a film about a Bridge Collapse and then worked in teams to decide how best to respond to a disaster of this type, and what steps need to be taken to respond to the community that was impacted by the event.

Some students like Larry and Kim are EMTs at Mass Maritime. Their MMA courses prepared them to pass the exam and become licensed  They have passed their Emergency Medical Services training (now available at MMA) and participate in medical services for the school. In comforting to know that responders are so close in case of an emergency.


Can you come up with a plan to rescue Rover?
Investigate the types of disasters that Emergency Management Professionals respond to in their daily work.
This activity demonstrates how engineers manage emergencies to keep citizens safe during hurricanes.
Read about how the Army Corp of Engineers Manage Emergencies

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