Sunday, January 12, 2014

Departure Day!

On Saturday Friends and Family of the Mass Maritime Cadets gathered at Taylor's Point to tour the ship and bid a fond farewell to the cadets and crew of the T.S. Kennedy.

As the cadets lined up along the ship’s deck in anticipation of their 6:30 p.m. planned departure the well wishers cheered, took photos, and held up signs of farewell.

As the weather at Taylor's Point became increasingly hazardous, it was deemed to be unsafe for the Kennedy to depart on time. The departure was postponed to January 12, at 6:37 AM

For those who were present for the departure this morning the crowd and the weather was amazing.

We are excited you have decided to Follow The Voyage!   If you are just joining us take a look back at the previous weeks logs to see the large amount of preparation that goes into Sea Term.  Here is a short video from our Follow The Voyage Cadet blogger, Taylor Inkly.

Check back daily, the journey is just beginning!

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