Saturday, January 11, 2014

Departure Day! --- FTV UPDATE

Departure for Sea Term 2014 has been delayed due to high winds until 0637 Sunday January 12th.

The long anticipated pre-sailing Coast Guard drill yesterday morning went exceedingly well, both the students and the ships staff and crew preformed excellently. The Coast Guard initiated the drill by simulating a security threat on board the T.S. Kennedy. They placed fake bombs throughout the ship, which was followed by a fake anonymous tip about the bombs. After the ship learned of the security threat they called upon the Bravo security team to perform a security search of the ship. After successfully locating the fake bombs the all clear signal was given and everyone returned to their “berthing” to prepare for the fire and emergency drill and the abandon ship drill. During the last two drills we had our best performance, getting full accountability of the entire ship in only 13 minutes! Needless to say the Coast Guard was impressed with our performance and gave us permission to set sail at 1830 this evening.

The workday ended slightly early as well yesterday, giving everyone the opportunity to retrieve last minute supplies from home or the store before setting sail. Being our last night along side the students are filled with anxiety from leaving our nest in Buzzards Bay to excitement from the anticipation of the adventures that what will come next.

Definitions of the Day:

Berthing-is the area of a ship where people live. 

The cadets have packed their bags for their voyage on the Kennedy. Can you think of what kind of travel bag you would need to hold and protect your laptop computer, cellular phone, and other essential items for your travel and still be light enough to carry?

If you could design your bag to meet the needs of this trip, what kind of bag would you have? Does it have to be water resistant? In this activity you will use the engineering design process to generate research questions, brainstorm ideas, design, build, and test.

Try to design your own, will it work?
Do you know what things to take with you when you go sailing?
Play this game to find out what items you need to bring to ensure you are safe at sea!

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