Friday, January 10, 2014

The ship started the day yesterday with another Fire and Emergency drill and an Abandon Ship drill. The drills went very smooth and we completed them in great timing, adequately preparing us for our Coast Guard Drill. After the drills, the 4/C attended briefings for the rest of the day about Marine Safety/Environmental Protection, International Maritime Business and Regimental Discipline and Security.

As the 4/C attended their briefings the upper class continued to on load the ship.
A portion of the supplies loaded yesterday will be getting delivered to Haiti on our way to Curacao. Included are tools, chairs, tables and a variety of other essentials. The T.S. Kennedy usually schedules one humanitarian effort on its SeaTerm. Several years ago the cadets brought clothing and medical supplies to a hospital in Ecuador. This year they will be delivering furniture to the people of Haiti.  However, the Kennedy will not be making a stop in Haiti, but will be met by another ship just off the coast. It will be interesting to see how this transfer is accomplished while both vessels are still in the ocean.

As everyone prepares to set sail the ship’s Medical Staff and the cadet Medical Rates preformed confined space rescue drills using new gear provided by Lifeline. For these drills the Medical rates practiced using pulleys to remove victims strapped to a backboard. This is a very important preparation step for the Medical Team in case there is an injury in a confined space while we are out at sea.

Geography Friday

Only one more day until we depart—Next stop The Caribbean.

Finding Bodies of Water Using Longitude and Latitude
The Caribbean - Mapping Activities and World Map
Map Making

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