Sunday, January 18, 2015


18 January 2015

“1500 Hours, 01-17-15: Kennedy at anchor, Mayaguez Bay, Puerto Rico, port anchor down with four shots on deck, engines on stop, steering gear secured.” Is the entry in Saturday’s log book.  The Kennedy will remain on the hook until early Monday morning, when we'll get underway bound for our first real port of call, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

Coming to anchor has a few benefits, and a few distractions. It is very helpful to our engineering gang when they can accomplish engine room minor repairs and maintenance when we are not operating a full steam production.  The deck department will use this time to do annual lifeboat launches and recoveries, both for training and regulatory compliance.  And the cadets…well, they kind of get a semi-day off. One division will continue to stand their watches, another will perform maintenance, and the third, well, we'd like to think they take advantage of the time to make preparations for tests and assessments – but it seems to be that plenty of the cadets simply enjoy the warm weather and sun out on deck.  But everyone gets to enjoy the cookout!

Chartwell’s Dining Services will prepare an on deck feast – lunch will be hundreds of burgers, dogs and sausages, corn on the cob, and other cook-out stuff.  Then later in the afternoon, we'll binge again on steaks, baked potatoes and beans. And ice cream.  The whole evolution is a major action for the galley staff and a contingent of cadets on maintenance - lugging tables, serving dishes, grills, charcoal and food up two decks to the Helo Deck. In the evening the Student Government Association will conduct activities to engage cadets, and most will simply hang out on deck and enjoy.

I'll take the opportunity today to thank the whole gang from Chartwell’s – they feed us three squares a day – provide 24-7 snacks and beverages – and then go all  out on the cook-out. Bravo Zulu to the whole galley crew!

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