Friday, January 23, 2015


23 January 2015

We moored in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas this morning.  It was beautiful with nary a breath of wind. The Pilots were both MMA grads,Tom Evans, Class or 1994, and Sean Bailey, Class or 2004.  Sean was an apprentice, a pilot-in-training, but you would not know it by the job he did. The ship slipped in starboard side to like a hand in a glove. Nice job to both Tom and Sean!

Once moored, the port authority and West India Company folks came aboard, as well as my agent, Coleen.  It is so funny, kind of like an old-home week since I have dealt with them so often over the past 20 years. Sean the pilot is standing next to me coming in, and he says, “hey Captain remember when we anchored the Empire State right over there in anchorage A?” Funny! But the business of bringing a ship into port is always the same, but papers must be exchanged, and all formalities finalized before we can let everyone go ashore.

But, by 1015 our gangway was open for liberty, and the masses of cadets and crew headed off for a frontal assault on the island. I hope they have a delightful port visit, they desire a little time off. But I hope they remember the words of warning and safety given to them last evening on the Helo Deck!

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