Saturday, January 24, 2015

FTV Arriving in Charlotte Amalie St Thomas VI

At approximately 0800 the TS Kennedy picked up the pilot and headed into Wico Dock in Havenstadt St Thomas. Pulling in the weather was amazing. Once the ship was cleared by the ships agent, liberty was announced for the cadets. 

Our docking in Charlotte Amalie,  caused much excitement as the pilot ships arrived to guide us into our berth. 

The Pilots were both MMA grads,Tom Evans, Class or 1994, and Sean Bailey, Class or 2004. The ship slipped in starboard side to like a hand in a glove. Nice job to both Tom and Sean!

Here our "Tiki Port" is loaded from the ship onto the dock. This area is the main center for keeping track of the cadets and crew as they come and go from the ship.

But, by 1015 our gangway was open for liberty, and the masses of cadets and crew headed off to explore St Thomas. Before leaving the dock the Cadets were electronically check out of the ship, and encouraged by the medical staff to use lots of sunscreen to protect their skin from the much stronger sun rays.

I am here on medical duty myself today always reminding Cadets to use sunscreen and hand sanitizer throughout their day in port. Here is my message to them.

As they leave the dock there is no doubt they will see what fun the Port of Charlotte Amalie has for them.

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