Saturday, January 31, 2015

FTV Docking in San Juan

Thursday at 0750 the TS Kennedy was boarded by the pilot for our approach into the beautiful city of San Juan Puerto Rico. The morning started up early with preparations for the arrival of the pilot.The pilot ladder was lowered 2 meters above the waters edge per the pilots specifications.Watch our approach.

Once the gangway was down we began in port watch. This means we switched from at sea watch to watch where the "tiki hut" is lowered to the pier and the quarterdeck watch moves to the dock to sign cadets and crew in and out for liberty. The accommodation ladder (gangway) was rigged up by the chain falls and lowered to the dock once we had our last lines out and we were moored alongside.

Here's a welcome from the Ship!



Once again, the medical team also set up shop for the departure of the cadets. Dispensing sun screen, bug spray, and cough drops. The weather is beautiful and our second port of call is shaping up to be a great few days.

Take a virtual trip of your own

Learn about the historic Spanish forts of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and their history as Spanish and later American properties.
Plan a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico for the whole class.

Learn about some of the specific characteristics of Puerto Rican culture, what influences them, and how the culture as a whole compares and contrasts with our own American culture.

In this activity pretend you have been accepted to be an exchange student in Puerto Rico for half a year or a whole year, you are allowed to stay with a Puerto Rican family, and travel with them around the island

How would you occupy, amuse, or entertain yourself with out the use of electricity?

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