Friday, January 30, 2015


30 January 2015

It’s supposed to be sunny and beautiful in San Juan, but this morning was cloudy with a steady rain. I hope it clears up so as to give everyone a great day for liberty – and for the deck work on the ship.

This port visit in San Juan is very out of the ordinary. A normal port visit has three days, and each division of cadets gets two days of liberty. But this time we are here for five days, when the third day is the dreaded “switch-out” day. We plan to send 138 Group B fourth class home, and receive 139 Group C fourth class. Because of the imbalance of days in port, some first and third class will get three days of liberty, while one will get four. This applies to the Group A fourth class also. The Group B fourth class, and the Group C fourth class will get one day of liberty each. So the Plan of the Day liberty division is now very confusing. The Chief Mate also has been faced with a challenge of
replacing the 138 names with 139 names on the Station Bill (emergency assignments) – printing up station cards and posting new muster lists for all lifeboats and emergency stations. We will have an emergency drill at 0800 on Sunday, after which all fourth class will be confident on what and where they are to go in an emergencies.

This morning we will host about 60 high school students from the San Juan area, and another 25 this afternoon. Our admissions team, headed up by CAPT Elizabeth Stevenson and Mr. Carlos Avila have worked diligently to organize it all. Hola to all the high school students! We hope you enjoy the visit, and consider attending MMA.

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