Saturday, February 21, 2015


21 February 2015 (FWE Update)

At 1142 - Finished with engines. As they say, another one in the can. Not too long later CAPT Rozak was announcing liberty, and CDR Kelleher was managing the gangway – and out of the gate they went.

First down the gangway was 4/C Mara Footit of Wilbraham, MA, selected by Cruise Commander Brian Sarapas for her tireless work on deck – especially her art work. (Of note, the Patriot’s Logo on
the Helo Deck, and the crane head).

I would guess within an hour over 500 cadets had departed, while their shipmates that were on watch or engaged in final lines and engineering projects lamented. But that is the nature of shipping, a crew must remain aboard to keep the ship running.

The next project will be Monday morning at 0730 when the off load of excess food supplies, teaching aids and a million other items are removed for use back on campus. I will provide a few final Captain’s Logs at that time. 

This voyage has been one for the record books, as 717 cadets were trained at sea, some of the nastiest weather coming north, and docking in the most ice ever!

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