Saturday, February 21, 2015


21 February 2015

Just watched the sun rise over Truro. Where are we? If you calculated “Cape Cod Bay” you would be correct! A beautiful sunrise for so many reasons. On a day like today, with what we have to accomplish, a clear morning is perfect.

I’ll probably update our activity this morning a few times. Right now (0635) we have just turned into the Bay and shaped up a course toward the “CC”Buoy off the Canal. The plan is to take the Northeast Marine Pilot at 0900, enter the Cape Cod Canal at 0915, and slowly pass through the Canal until we
pick up our two McAllister tugs at the railroad bridge, at about 1045.

It is 23 degrees this morning. The cadets are up and packing their gear. They’ll take turns getting their breakfast while the berthing holds are cleaned, and cleaned and finally cleaned again. We’ll have them put on warm clothes in anticipation of manning the rails (which will not be continuous
since it is so cold out) to wave to loved ones and well-wishers in general.

Once we get to the dock they will be summoned to their compartments once more where they will be inspected once more before we allow them to grab their sea bag and depart the ship. Last evening I released the names of the Master’s Award recipients. A long list, but it only represents 8% of the cadets aboard. These cadets impressed their officer supervisors and will be issued a new ribbon which will become part of their uniform permanently. As a rule I am very proud of all the cadets – they really do endure a great deal of “stuff” on the voyage – but for these 53 cadets I am particularly pleased – and I know their parents are too.

Congrats to all. BTW 4/C Kevin Depersia from Marshfield, MA. Was a late addition to the list of recipients.

See you at the dock, I better go do some Captain stuff.

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