Monday, February 2, 2015


2 February 2015

Another Patriot’s victory in the Super Bowl. Ship captains are supposed to be able to handle stress, but that was too much, as I thought I was going to have a heart attack. If athletic games are intended to build excitement, there was no disappointment last night. I was sadly reminded of two loses to the
Giants in the last minute but was routing for the defense to make a play – which they sure did. It was an awesome victory that sent shock waves throughout the ship. Good for the Patriots and their fans.

As we travel we have the opportunity to meet new people and some old friends. The other day Paul Simpson, class of 1960 came to visit. Paul, who lives in San Juan, has been very helpful to us throughout the years, sometimes acting as our courtesy agent both here and St. John. He is a very good friend of the Academy, so an invitation to lunch was certainly deserved. He brought a classmate, Bob Kimtis, as well as his friend Pita Martin. Last night I received a thank you note from Pita, and wanted to share some of her comments, thoughts that we usually miss on our daily routine aboard ship. “Visiting the Kennedy today was a special experience for me. It was really a glimpse into a different world…a world of steel and warmth, of camaraderie and hierarchy, of precision and poetry. Thank you for extending an invitation and for your hospitality.” 

Thank you Paul and Pita, it was my pleasure, and I look forward to seeing you once more in the future.

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